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Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

  Съюз на пивоварите в България

1000 Sofia, 16 “Bacho Kiro” str.

Tel. / Fax +359 2 9894024

E-Mail: ubb@i-n.net



Regulations for Implementing the Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and
Ethical Standards of the Brewing Industry in Bulgaria


Chapter 1. General Provisions

Art. 1. These regulations for implementing responsible commercial communications and ethical standards of the brewing industry in Bulgaria (the Regulations) shall regulate the mechanisms, conditions and methods for monitoring the implementation of the Code of responsible commercial communications and ethical standards (the Code), adopted by the members of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB or the Union) on 1st February 2005.

Art. 2. (1) These regulations have been drawn up on the basis of the Code, the Statute and the decisions of the General Assembly of UBB and the Management Board of UBB (MB of UBB) and were adopted unanimously by all the brewers-members of UBB.
(2) These regulations shall be binding for all the brewers-members of UBB and for the no member entities associated to the Code.

Art. 3. These regulations shall be open to inspection and UBB shall encourage their distribution with a view to widening their implementation among consumers and other participants in the process of commercial communications.

Art. 4. (1) Through its Self-Regulatory Council (the Council) UBB shall unify and define the policy of Bulgarian brewers-members of the Union and of the no member entities associated to the Code in the area of responsible commercial communications and ethical standards.

(2) UBB shall be responsible for ensuring the financial and other resources needed for the implementation of the Regulations as well as for all the initiatives in the area of responsible corporate and commercial communications.

Chapter 2. Self-Regulatory Council

Art. 5. UBB’s Self-Regulatory Council was established by UBB General Assembly decision of 12th January 2005.

Art. 6. (1) The Council has been established with the following goals:

1.1. To conduct UBB’s overall policy and activities within the self-regulatory system for brewers’ responsible commercial communications – advertising, marketing, merchandizing and event organizing (self-regulation)
1.2. To protect and reinforce UBB’s interests and visions in the area of self-regulation.
1.3. To make sure that UBB’s members observe the rules and principles of the Code of responsible commercial communications and ethical standards.
1.4. To examine and propose to UBB fresh directions in the self-regulatory policy by keeping abreast with the achievements, directions and developments in this area spearheaded by esteemed organizations like the Brewers of Europe.
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