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Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

  Съюз на пивоварите в България

1000 Sofia, 16 “Bacho Kiro” str.

Tel. / Fax +359 2 9894024

E-Mail: ubb@i-n.net



Fulfillment of Commitments of Union of Brewers in Bulgaria to the EU Alcohol and Health Forum

Aligning with The Brewers of Europe's 7 recommended operational standards for national self-regulatory action plans, the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) has committed to developing and putting in place all the necessary procedures.

Background and baseline

 In 2005 the UBB became the first business organisation in Bulgaria to publicly sign up to a code for responsible commercial communications. In March 2007 the UBB, not yet members of The Brewers of Europe, attended the third workshop on self-regulation of beer advertising.


An Independent Arbitration Jury for public complaints has now been established to protect society and ensure transparency of procedures and decision-making. Jury members include co-chairmen - representatives of the Bulgarian Consumers’ Federation, an independent university professor, and representatives of the Bulgarian National Association of Consumers (with whom a memo of understanding for UBB Code compliance monitoring was signed in November), the Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of Bulgarian Radio and TV Broadcasters, Sofia Center for Drug Abuses.

UBB procedures have been put in place for copy advice and recommendations for voluntary modification/withdrawal of any TV, radio, press and billboard adverts. A 3-member independent copy advice jury helps to reduce the risk of rule infringements and enable the UBB to offer a system through which offending advertisements do not reach consumers and public interest is protected. UBB procedures have been put in place for obligatory post-monitoring of TV, radio, press and billboard adverts. For better application and coordination, UBB advertisers must inform the UBB Secretary General, beforehand, of the start date of any commercial campaign for beer.

To generate consumer awareness of the new system, 4 press conferences were organised in January, April, July and November and attended by over 70 journalists, the Association of Advertising Agencies, the Association of Bulgarian Radio and TV Broadcasters (with whom a memo of understanding for UBB Code compliance was also signed), the consumers organizations, the CEOs and marketing managers of all UBB members.

At November international Forum and press conference were announced the results of copy advice procedures and post msonitoring of 27 advert communications of beer advertisers. Due to jury recommendations 3 ads were amended and one advertising billboard communication was withdrawn voluntary by the advertiser.

To increase consumer and governmental institutions awareness, in June 2008 UBB spread, via a national newspaper, 3000 copies of a 16-page brochure dedicated to the UBB Code and self-regulatory good practice. The UBB’s good practice in self regulation was covered by over 130 publications in national newspapers and electronic media, TV channels, interviews and special information by the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), meaning an estimated at least 500 000 citizens have been impacted. In July and October, a special campaign was broadcast via the BNR, where UBB’s self-regulatory initiatives were communicated on air under 8 themes, every Saturday, from 11.30 to Midday.
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