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Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

  Съюз на пивоварите в България

1000 Sofia, 16 “Bacho Kiro” str.

Tel. / Fax +359 2 9894024

E-Mail: ubb@i-n.net



Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards of the Members of the
Union of Brewers in Bulgaria


Address by the Members of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

The Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) is a representative organization of the brewing industry in the country. The present document establishes a common Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards in keeping with the spirit and philosophy of all principles and norms endorsed by The Brewers of Europe – the most prestigious and esteemed European international organization in our field.

As a member of the European family of brewers, UBB puts to practice the attainments of the self-regulatory system of The Brewers of Europe, which unites national associations from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and sister organizations from countries, which are in the process of European accession. UBB upholds the priorities rooted in the international principles of responsible commercial communications of alcoholic beverages known as The Amsterdam Group (TAG) Common Standards.

We, the members of UBB, realize in full our social responsibility, especially in relation to marketing messages and suggestions aiming to create a culture of beer consumption as a part of a moderate and healthy lifestyle. The brewing industry has proven and continues to prove its ability to manage its business activities in a responsible way by applying self-regulatory principles to its commercial communications and actively popularizing the highest ethical standards.

Self-regulation is a complete concept, and not an isolated model. It is a philosophy and a vision for the development of the brewing industry’s public communications. We understand clearly that the responsibilities in this process are shared among all participating parties – from advertising agencies to auxiliary service companies of all kinds. The adult user is the centre of attention, and he or she should be encouraged to consume our products in a responsible and moderate way.

By endorsing this Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards, we not only contribute effectively to the education of a culture of moderate beer consumption, but we also express our confidence that by observing the norms of self-regulation, socially important goals can be attained, without resolving to the restrictive mechanisms of the state administration
Signed by:










1.02.2005 г.

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